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Bostwick Consistometer

The consistency of a sample is measured by its resistance to fow under specific conditions, for a specified time.
The Bostwick Consistometer is one of many instruments designed to make such measurements. The Consistometer is manufactured from stainless steel engraved with a series of precise graduations at 0.5 cm. intervals. The sample is initially retained in a reservoir behind a spring loaded gate prior to testing.

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A measured sample, usually 75 ml, is placed in the reservoir behind the gate. The gate is released, by pressing the lock release lever – the spring action ensures it opens instantaneously. As the liquid flows down the instrument its progress can be accurately measured using the graduated scale. By comparing the low rate to specified time periods the physical properties of the sample can be calculated.


  • Food Processing
  • Tomato Sauces + Others
  • Preserves
  • Fillings
  • Soups
  • Baby Foods
  • Salad Dressings