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Hematocrit Centrifuge HC-702

Designed for capillary tubes
Particularly designed for centrifugation of the samples in the capillary tubes.

Simple timer
It can be used simply only by timer setup.

Large cost cut
A bold design change realized the large cost cut.

Safety rock
The brake and the lid opening and closing button are attached, and safety is raised.

Renewed design
A design is renewed, and while the outer case is made into plastic mold and is light-weighed, the surveillance window is also prepared in the upper part.

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Max. speed 12,000 rpm (Fixed)
Max. centrifugal force 15,000 x g
Max. Capacity 24 places
Safety device Triple balance system
Manual lid lock, lift cover and power cut off
Fuse 110 V / 10 A, 220 V / 5A
Timer 0 ~ 15 min.(regressive type)
Brake System Manual brake system
Power Requirement 110 VAC or 220 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 180 W
Dimensions 290 (W) X 320 (D) X 245 (H) mm
Weight Around 8 kg (main body)

Obtained Approval from MOH Japan
( MOH : Ministry of Health )

Application :
Gilded industry, fisheries industry, Pharmaceutical Industries, printing industry, chemical industry, general hospitals, food manufacturing industry, oceanographic institute, brewer, universities (agricultural department, department of pharmacy), Fisheries Experimental Station, Biological Laboratories, fuel supplier, environment service and etc.