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High Precision UV-VIS Spectrophotometer PD-3000UVe

High accuracy
High quality grating ensure high precision

Excellent value
High performance and affordability are combined.

Connectivity with peripherals
Possible to connect with PC and printer.


Wavelength range 190 nm to 1000 nm
Wavelength Width 5 nm
Wavelength accuracy +/- 2 nm
Wavelength repeatability +/- 0.5 nm
Optical system single beam, grating system, auto-scanning(using PC)
Stray radiant energy < 0.1 %T (at 220nm and 360nm)
Display 128 x 64 LCD display
Photometric range -0.3 to 3 ABS
0.0 to 200 %T
0.0 to 9999 C (0 – 9999F)
Auto Zero Auto Zero
Drift ≦ 0.002 A/hour after warm up
Detector High sensitivity silicon photocell
Light source Halogen lamp, Deuterium lamp
Standard Sample holder 4 position, 10 mm x 10 mm Square cuvette
Printer interface Parallel port
Data output USB
Power Requirement 110 / 220 VAC 50/60 Hz switchable (changeable)
Dimensions 466 (W) x 395 (D) x 200 (H) mm (main body)
Weight Net 15.5 kg (main body)


Application :
Gilded industry, fisheries industry, Pharmaceutical Industries, printing industry, chemical industry, general hospitals, food manufacturing industry, oceanographic institute, brewer, universities (agricultural department, department of pharmacy), Fisheries Experimental Station, Biological Laboratories, fuel supplier, environment service and etc.