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Overhead Stirrer

The over head electronic stirrer use the numerical control touch type stepless speed governor, which is convenient to display the running speed with digital screen, which makes the machine more safe and reliable. Advanced technology, low noise, mechanical deceleration structure, small size, large output, large torque, suitable for scientific research, colleges, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical units, etc

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  • Speed range: 30-2200rpm, constant speed, high and low speed accurately controllable;
  • Performance: DC brushless motor, continuous and stable operation for a long time, outstanding performance;
  • Safety: Overload, short circuit and abnormal speed, automatically cut off the circuit and alarm to ensure safe operation;
  • Prevent sample overflow: Smooth start, effectively prevent sample overflow;
  • Enclosed shell: The enclosed shell prevents liquid from splashing into the internal corrosion circuit of the machine, ensuring safe operation. There is a stir bar penetration hole, and the stir bar is easy to replace. It is not necessary to move the stirring head up and down;
  • Other options:RS232 connect to the PC , record the speed and torque and other data.
  • Reinforced chucks to prevent the stir bar from loosening;
  • The LCD displays the speed and time, E models are with LED display to show the real speed;
  • The torque can be automatically adjusted according to the viscosity change of the sample, and the rotation speed can be finely adjusted according to the demand during the operation to facilitate the experimental operation