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Robust & Accurate Spectrophotometer PD-303S

Multi function
Correlation measurement, timer mode and many more microprocessor based functions are installed.

Automatic worldwide voltage
100 – 240 VAC can be used

T=0% and T=100% are automatically set with just a touch of key.

Long life and easy replacement
Lamp life is around 2,000 hours and lamp replacement is very easy.

Connectivity to peripherals
Can be connected to a computer and printer.


Wavelength Range 340 – 1000 nm
Wavelength Width 10nm in entire region
Wavelength Accuracy ±2nm at 365 and 546nm
Wavelength Scale 2nm scale
Spectroscope Sigle beam, Diffraction grating 1200 lines/nm
Stray Radiant Energy <0.5%T typical at 340nm with appropriate light filter
Display 3-1/2 digit LCD
Photometric Range 0 – 1.999 ABS
0 – 100 %T
0 – 1999 C
Photometric Accuracy ± 2 %T
Detector High sensitivity silicon photocell
Light Source Long-life Tungsten lamp with lens
Sample Volume 1.0 ml(Minimum)
Power Requirements 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15W
Dimensions 270 (W) ×285 (D) ×155 (H) nm
Weight Net 4.8 kg (Main body)


Application :
Gilded industry, fisheries industry, Pharmaceutical Industries, printing industry, chemical industry, general hospitals, food manufacturing industry, oceanographic institute, brewer, universities (agricultural department, department of pharmacy), Fisheries Experimental Station, Biological Laboratories, fuel supplier, environment service and etc.